my name is Hasina Mjingo im from Tanzania( East Africa). i was really shocked when i read that there was a Hasina who is a musician.. Hasina is a very Rare name only found in Tanzania and its also rare in TANZANIA. well im glad there is a Hasina who is a musian. i want to be an actress so ... i gues Hasina will be out ther. all the best in your music.

08.12.09Ron Fleming

Hey Hasina ... it's been a WHILE. Im sure you remember me - I played drums for you for a little while before I broke my wrist in a car accident. At any rate, Im living in NYC now - Prospect Park - and I'd love to come check out your next show and reconnect. Let me know what you hvae goin on, I'd be happy to come support. By the way, the tracks sound AWESOME.



05.09.09ELiza B

Enyoyed your site~ looking forward to seeing you guys Live!!

03.01.09praveen kataria

love for all


Hi, Thanks to add me in facebook..................
Are you Muslim?

02.13.09Pat Williams

I found your site very interesting.


hasinas talk and love afair

04.27.08Rosemary B.

Yes, that's what I'm talking about. You are the definition of inspiration. Keep up the great work! take care!


You know I'm your biggest fan now right? :-)

07.17.07Celso Batista

Hey Hasina
This is Celso. I hope you still remember me! Haha! In any case, I was really impress by your performance/ It was great not only to see and hear you but to know that you are still striving for and living out your dream. It is inspiring for all artists. In somma, sei veramenta brava! If you want to know what that means you'll have to contact me. Haha.


I am very proud of you ma, keep doing your thing. You've come a long way from singing the from sing "The Lion King" back in da day.

07.03.07RIch Mosher - The MiddleMen

You were some tough act to follow at Luna Lounge. There were scorch marks on the stage. Thanks for a great show, visually and sonically.

06.25.07Ebony Brown

Aveda right? This is Ebony from the purchase bricks, lols! You sang Alanis Morrisset's "Uninvited" on the infamous "South Side" stage with such power and vulnerability, such soul and smoothness... I remember that performance to this day and knew that it'll only be a matter of time before I'd see you on the tube, excuse me, "the plasma screen," You are so doing the damn thing!! Kudos to you girl! Love the music! Congrats. (Found you via Martina's myspace.)

04.27.07David Vernon

Hasina please connect. I wanna talk to you.
Peace and love...


You're doing the damn thing! I love it! Smooches K


You are so my hero!

01.14.07Marisa Flores

I am so proud of you; be good, be strong.